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"Tomorrow battle is won during today's practice."

Education is key to the development of any society. For improving quality of education, it is imperative that the suitably qualified and trained teachers are available in sufficient numbers.

There exists a demand and supply gap in the availability of teachers. Realising this, a few concerned citizens of Lucknow took initiative to establish a teachers' training college, in the deficient area of nearly district Sitapur which has been named after their forefathers Shri Krishna College.

The aim of the college is to equip every student with academic, social, cultural and latest technological knowledge. The college is committed to society at large towards enriching and enhancing individual and group development. Education at the college is not bound by class barriers.

Apart from academics, the college holds the following activities on a regular basis:

  • >> Personality development programmes
  • >> Environmental excursions
  • >> Youth festivals
  • >> Sports and competitions